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 For nearly 40 years, Chem-Dry has continually researched improvements and developed new solutions and processes to the upholstery cleaning process in order to offer the best upholstery cleaning services available on the market today. It is with a satisfaction guarantee that we provide these innovative techniques to the Lawrence, IN area, which will benefit both you and your wallet.

Chem-Dry will leave your upholstery cleaner. Rather than pushing dirt, grime and dust down into the carpet with buckets of water, Chem-Dry has utilized the power of carbonation to penetrate deep into the carpet to remove these unwanted particles from individual fibers and lift them to the surface, where they can be safely removed with hot water. Cleaning the Chem-Dry way requires less maintenance and resist resoiling. We leave your carpets cleaner for longer.

Green Upholstery Cleaning Lawrence

Our services are healthier. We seek long term environmental stability, and are committed to do our part. Our solutions are certified Green. The advantages continue even further for your home or business; with our green certified solution, The Natural®, you can rest assured that it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and ideal for homes with kids and pets. Chem-Dry will leave your upholstery drier. The best thing about going with Chem-Dry is that our Green Certified Method only uses a fifth of the water of the competition. Our innovative technique with minimal levels of moisture allows for your carpets and upholstery to dry quickly with most drying in just 1-2 hours.Once your experience the Chem-Dry difference you will never be satisfied with less- call or click today in Lawrence, IN to learn more.

Protect your Upholstrey in Lawrence

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The Chem-Dry Upholstery Protectant will add a barrier between the fibers of your upholstery and the staind from everday life. We can apply the protectant as we clean, so it won't take any additional time. In fact, this protectant will cut down on the clean up of future spills and messes because there won't be a stain. Imagine if you could spill fruit punch on to your white coach and not have to worry about it staining. Crossroads Chem-Dry offers a few types of protectant, so be sure to talk to your technician to see which one would work best for your upholestered items and your lifestyle. We also offer protectants that can be added to your carpet or area rugs.


Watch this short demonstration below to see our protectant in action with red fruit punch and white carpet!




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