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An innovative upholstery cleaning service in Beech Grove, IN is provided by Crossroads Chem-Dry. Inevitably, the wear and tear that upholstery goes through starts to show. Whether it’s marker, beverage, dirt, or pen, Chem-Dry has the most effective equipment to get it out! As being the most outstanding skilled upholstery cleaning company available on the market, you will find a healthy cleaning which will make your furniture stay cleaner for a longer time.

The Best Upholstery Cleaners in Beech Grove, IN

Our top priority at Crossroads Chem-Dry in Beech Grove, IN, is customer care. Treating your home like it is our very own, we're certain you'll love our services just as much as we do! If you’re looking for the best tools, among the most experienced technicians, the best advanced cleaning solutions, and inexpensive upholstery cleaning services, we are the cleaners for you!

A Healthier Clean

The chief cleaning formula at Crossroads Chem-Dry is green certified; this means it is truly non-toxic and entirely safe. No injury should come towards your household pets or family members by using our standard cleaning service. With no unsafe agents there will be no skin irritation or allergy symptom concerns. Thinking about how routinely skin comes in contact with upholstery objects, green cleaning is a necessity.

Keep it Cleaner Longer

Our personal Hot Carbonating Extraction technique was implemented to leave your home cleaner for expanded time periods. Harsh and dangerous components, soaps, shampoos, and detergents will leave behind dirt attracting remains. Crossroads Chem-Dry stays away from such agents, so nothing resides in your home that could make your furnishings unpleasant and certainly dirtied immediately following the cleaning. To help our customers manage such unsoiled home furnishings, we supply a product called Protectant. This treatment behaves as a furniture scotch guard to guard your home against potential splatters and blemishes. A good number of upholstered materials include a factory fabric guarding agent. Every type of protecting guard will wear away with time and regular use; which is why we provide this remedy with every cleaning.

Call Crossroads Chem-Dry to have a cleaning experience exclusive from any other in Beech Grove, IN! Call today at (317) 597-0090 or click here to get started!

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