Pet Odor Removal

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Not only is it tricky to deal with a pet accident when one has occurred, but it’s also difficult to be aware of where past incidents may have taken place, incidents you may not have even been aware of. Chem-Dry can recognize pet accidents in your home and eradicate pet urine odors of the floor coverings by making use of our innovative cleaning product P.U.R.T. ® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the origin of the stench and then immediately begins a chemical effect that kills the urine aroma. It’s proven great results on even the most severe urine damage.

Pet Urine Cleaning Indianapolis IN

If not treated adequately, the odor from pet accidents can travel through the whole home and impact your wellbeing and your happiness. The stench emitted from an incident location also often results in repeat accidents in the very same area until it can be effectively removed.

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pet urine cleaning indianapolis

Pet urine in the carpeting not only leaves an unattractive stain and an upsetting odor, but it penetrates the materials and contaminates both the carpeting and the floor underneath. That’s why it can require specialized cleaning, well beyond just a simple rag and carpet cleaner. The longer an incident goes untreated, the more likely the urine aroma is to penetrate deeper and deeper into floors, walls and even the framework and foundation of the home. As the urine dries out, the liquid disappears but the urine crystals develop into much more concentrated and pungent. Basic clean-up won't get rid of this odor. To help rid your property of the sme

Pet Urine Removal

lls brought on by pet urine, Chem-Dry applies P.U.R.T. - specially designed to wipe out pet urine odors at their origin. While most cleanings merely cover up the odor, Chem-Dry's Pet Urine Removal Treatment goes to the molecular level and eliminates the urine crystals to wipe out the odor. With P.U.R.T., your most extreme pet urine odors may be fixed and your carpets can be saved.

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