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Carpet Cleaning Nora, IN

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Carpet Cleaning Nora, IN

What are the lasting benefits of Chem-Dry?

Our solution, "The Natural"® is not a soap.  Soaps and shampoos often leave behind a residue on carpet and upholstery fibers. While your carpets may be initially cleaner, this film acts as a magnet to attract dirt and grime, causing your carpets to actually soil faster after you clean them.  But the Chem-Dry way leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residue, and thereby your carpets will resist soiling and stay cleaner, longer!

Why clean your carpets?

As you know, over time carpets accumulate dirt and other messes that the vacuum simply can't remedy.  You may have had your carpets professionally cleaned, or used do-it-yourself equipment.  Luckily there is an easier, better way.  It's called the Chem-Dry way, and its brought to you by your locally owned and operated Crossroads Chem- Dry. Superior cleaning services are available to you in Nora, IN

How is Chem-Dry Different?

Crossroads Chem-Dry is superior to other carpet cleaners in Nora, IN. Other carpet cleaners in Nora use outdated techniques such as shampooing or steam cleaning. We use a unique and proprietary process called Hot Carbonating Extraction.  Utilizing the power of carbonated bubbles, we explode the filth from the fibers of your carpet and upholstery, using just a fraction of the moisture as traditional steam cleaners.  Since we don't use thick soaps and sticky detergents we don't leave behind a residue, which will turn your carpet into a dirt attracting magnet. There simply isn't a better method for carpet cleaning in Nora, IN 

Why clean the Chem-Dry way?

Because Crossroads Chem-Dry uses minimal liquid to achieve maximum cleaning results, your carpets will be dry in 1-2 hours rather than days.  This process is much healthier, because there will be no chance for mold and mildew to begin growing before the carpets dry.  Our hypoallergenic solutions and cleaning products are eco- friendly, as well as pet and kid safe! We are the best green carpet cleaner in Nora, IN!


Try Crossroads Chem-Dry! We know that you will not find a better carpet cleaner in Nora, IN!  

 Carpet Cleaning Nora, IN

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